The mini-distillery of the family farm “Očevo brdo” is located outside the urban area under the hill, an ideal location for orchards. The orchards are located in an almost ideal location from the north they are protected from the bora in the south they are positioned, which has an exceptional climate and the most sunny days. If we add to this a greater exposure of fruit trees and soil ideal for growing plums – we have the ideal combination for roasting probably the best Lika plums.

But nothing happens by itself The key factor is the diligent hands of several generations who have bequeathed an ennobled country. Lika plum brandy “Kotlarovka” was obtained from selected plums, which we boned, then after controlled fermentation finely distilled and left to age in wooden barrels, which gives the plum brandy the final aroma and color. Plum brandy is one of the most famous brandies in this area, and is often used as a synonym for brandy in general. In Croatia, plum brandy has an almost mythical meaning. It is unlikely that in the past there was a house that did not have its own plum grove, which was mainly used to obtain raw materials for the production of brandy. In the past, plum brandy was indispensable in everyday work, in plowing, sowing, harvesting, buying hay, and especially on special occasions such as weddings, funerals or baptisms; of course there were those who enjoyed it every day.  “Kotlarovka” is made as such, traditionally of high quality, but produced with modern technology with the action of the highest quality yeasts. – Nothing comes overnight. Plums are picked when they are fully ripe and full of sugar. Some people pick unripe plums and then add sugar to make the brandy stronger, to better “burn the throat”. This is the biggest misconception in this business because brandy is best when nothing is added to the brandy, when everything flows naturally. Storing brandy is a story unto itself. Nothing is possible for that, only oak barrels. Here the brandy ripens and takes on a golden-yellow color. Glass jars and stainless steel cannot help the brandy to mature, only oak barrels.